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Our Story

Bellwether Technology, LLC is a collaborative robot focused automation integration company founded in 2022 by former Boeing Research & Technology (St. Louis Manufacturing Research and Development) engineer Brad Zeedyk. Brad served as Boeing St. Clair’s main BR&T production support engineer and equipment engineer for seven years as well as providing production support and capital planning for the F-15 and 777-X programs and the PAC/PPC. Brad was the development, design, and integration engineer of the 777-X Strakelet Collaborative Robot Drilling System. He has expertise in aerospace composite and metallic hole drilling, mechanical and electrical machine design, collaborative robot integration, robotic safety systems and machine guarding, software development, rapid prototyping, and aerospace production support. Brad is well versed in the Boeing EHS requirements for collaborative robot safety as well as the various Boeing process specifications that govern Boeing defense and space products. Brad holds motion control and machine vision certifications from the Association for Advancing Automation (A3).

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