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Full Service Automation

     Bellwether Technology provides comprehensive manufacturing automation services from general factory and application specific assessments and consultation through post system commissioning service and support.  Contact us today to discuss your automation needs and to schedule an assessment.


     The general factory or application specific assessment is the critical evaluation of your product and its current manufacturing processes.  It reveals the opportunities for automation and helps identify if automation will address the problem or cost targeted for improvement.  Our focus in the assessment is identifying the appropriate solution for your manufacturing concern.  This solution may be an automation system or it might be something else like an engineering change to the product, greater process control, enhanced quality inspections, improved standard operating procedures and employee training, or some combination thereof.  Our broad experience in both automation and manufacturing production support helps us identify and recommend the correct solution.


System Design, Build, and Integration

     We offer complete design, build, and integration of the automation systems we propose.  Our designers build and integrate the systems they design which leads to a machine that's easier to assemble, troubleshoot, and maintain.  We specialize in custom end-of-arm tooling for applications for which no off-the-shelf tool exists.  Our expertise includes machine vision, pneumatic systems, electrical systems and controls, safety systems and controls, and system software and machine interfaces.  As the complexity of an automation system quickly builds, we have the experience to properly integrate the sub-systems into a cohesive and coordinated whole.


Service and Support

     The post commissioning service and support of any automation system is critical to the health of your manufacturing system.  While you're an expert in your product, you may not be an expert in industrial automation.  Bellwether Technology ensures that your system remains properly maintained and performing as designed.  We work as a partner with your company training machine operators and aiding maintenance staff with preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, machine repair, and calibration.

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